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Visual Integrator

“Open architecture” is the catch phrase for business application software and databases these days. Companies that in the past may have put up with discrete applications running stand-alone, and performed software "gymnastics" to obtain integrated reporting from their tools, are now demanding that these products work together. To facilitate this process, an industry standard known as open database connectivity (ODBC) was developed. Visual Integrator has been designed to facilitate seamless integration between Sage MAS 100 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200) data and other business applications. Visual Integrator can import from (or export to) any ODBC-compliant source, without the need for an intermediary data file such as ASCII delimited or Microsoft Excel. If you regularly perform imports from a custom or vertical software package, you'll find you can use Visual Integrator to make the integration virtually seamless.

Visual Integrator Highlights:
  • Powerful import/export tool
  • Easy point-and-click data selection
  • Has all the checks needed to maintain data integrity
  • Scheduling functions for regular or repetitive imports
  • Direct access to ODBC data sources such as Microsoft Access
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