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Customer service, satisfaction, and retention are critical to continued revenue growth. That's why so many companies are using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to improve internal communications, increase customer satisfaction, and boost sales revenues. Linking front-office Sage SalesLogix and Act! by Sage CRM software to a back- office Sage 100 ERP accounting and business management system enables real-time access to customer data-anytime, anywhere.

In today's competitive marketplace, a sales oriented company's most valuable asset is its existing customer base. New customers are much harder to come by. Consequently, taking care of existing customers and servicing their needs is of utmost importance. It's no wonder industry analysts are predicting that customer contact and relationship management, the core of front office software, will become the largest growth segment in the software market and will have a lasting impact on how companies conduct business in the future. For more information regarding the individual Front Office Modules, select any of the links below.

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