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Our Technology Team takes great pride in the responsiveness and quality of our support. When our clients need answers, or when they have a problem, we know how important our response can be to their success - and we also know how important their success is to our success! Of course there are several ways to respond to client inquiries and problems, and we make every attempt to address each with the timeliness and thoroughness it deserves.
  1. Email - our Technology Team maintains close contact with our "inboxes" and we respond to email inquiries and problems either from our offices, or from "the road".

  2. Phone - we maintain constant touch with the office wherever we are and we make every attempt to be immediately accessible, or to return phone calls promptly (we survey our clients periodically and we take great pride in the high marks we have received for our phone call responsiveness).

  3. On-Site - unlike some vendors who attempt to support complex systems from across the country - or even from around the world - our clients are predominantly in the northeast Florida and southeast Georgia area. Our central location enables us to go directly to our client's site when appropriate.

  4. Online Support - we now have the ability to support our clients through a secure online link. At the clients request, we can log on to the client's computer and temporarily "take over the screen" to perform diagnostics, correct problems, or go through educational steps interactively while the client watches and participates! The capability has become a favorite of our clients and enables us to leverage our knowledge and availability. Click here to access our online connection page.

The Ennis, Pellum & Assoc. Offices in Jacksonville, Florida